Where Can I Find a Therm-a-Rest NeoAir™ Air Mattress?

Okay, so I'm all big on using wool blankets to camp with.

And using flint and steel to light my fires.

And using a hobo stove and a wooden pole for a fishing rod.

(Okay, fine, I also use a naptha stove, carbon fibre rods for my tent, and a silnylon tarp... but I'm making a point.)

But can't I be allowed a little modern treat now and then?

Where Can I Find a Therm-a-Rest NeoAir™ Air Mattress?

From the Therm-a-Rest site:
The NeoAir mattress represents the world’s most advanced engineering in ultralight comfort. Beyond being the lightest air mattress available, we’ve utilized two patent-pending internal technologies, making it up to three times warmer and far more stable than any other uninsulated air mattress available. And when it comes to space in your pack, you’ll appreciate that it’s no bigger than a one-liter water bottle. Revolutionary by design, the gossamer NeoAir mattress makes comfort one less thing you’ll need to compromise when traveling Fast & Light.

° Ultralight & Compact: Weighs just 14oz. and packs down to the size of a 1-liter water bottle.
° Unrivaled Warmth: Our patent-pending reflective barrier returns warmth to your body and reduces heat loss to the ground, keeping you three times warmer than any other uninsulated air mattress
° Sleep Stable: When inflated, patent-pending Triangular Core Matrix technology creates an internal truss system, resulting in the most stable non-self-inflating air mattresses.
° Lasting Performance: Achieving thermal efficiency without down or fiber insulation means the NeoAir can be inflated directly without the added weight of a pump, or worrying about exhaled moisture wetting insulation and decreasing performance.
I like the fact that it is super small when packed up and weighs hardly anything. My current Therm-a-Rest mattress - while small - is still a pain to pack on my back. I just wish they'd lose the obnoxious yellow/green/diseased colour. Give me a tan coloured one please.

They are sold in Canada at Mountain Equipment Co-op for $149.00.


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