Wanted: Flint

The flint in my flint and steel striker kit has worn down and I need a new piece of flint. In fact, I'd like several pieces of nice flint.

I bought my Hudson Bay Steel Striker kit from DB Primitive Forgeworks (I highly recommend them - terrific service).

After I intially ran out of charcloth, I posted on how to make your own charcloth.

But I don't know how to make my own flint. I suppose I'd need to exert tremendous pressures and apply high temperatures to certain minerals etc.... But I simply don't have the time on the geological time scale and effort that this would take.


Please for the love of all that is bushcrafty, would someone please send me some flint. I'll reciprocate with a bushcraft piece of kit that I think is reasonable - suggestions are welcome.

Please. Please. Please.

I can't figure out - despite my massive Googley abilities - where to find some in the Toronto region. No geology shops. No flint deposits sitting at the end of my garden. No secret agent Peter Flint giving me flint (who read Warlord comics as a kid?).

Please - I want flint.

Ask, and ye shall receive - right?



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