James Ozan Peacock

Hello world,

I am James Ozan Peacock. My Mummy went through a long labour and after some consultation with the doctors, I made the decision to emerge in the operating room instead on Tuesday January 6th, 1 minute before midnight.

Mummy is very tired. So is Daddy. He's very proud of me and Mummy. I'll come home from the hospital as soon as Mummy and I are able.

We like the food at the hospital. I get the good stuff. Mummy gets solid food. Daddy takes Mummy's solid food when she is asleep. Daddy is very clever.

Daddy sings amazing, complex songs about the ceiling and the floor and about fingers. Mummy is very warm and has the best voice ever. She is very amazing super great.

Daddy says a Sundog appeared in the sky on my first afternoon in the world. I am led to believe that it was an auspicious sign. I am using big words already.

I've been told that I am looking forward to my first camping trip soon. I will have my own canoe paddle and wool blanket. I'll be popping in from time to time to make an appearance here. But first I am going back to sleep.


James Ozan

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