Bushcraft, Outdoors, Camping, Wilderness Links - To Be Read In Front Of A Fire

This wonderful cold weather is keeping most of us inside. We don't have a fireplace, but if we did, I would curl up with a laptop in front of the fire and read.

If you have a fireplace and a laptop, here are a few reading suggestions that you might find interesting:

Mocotaugan: The Story and Art of the Crooked Knife.
This artifact, often called a “crooked knife,” is anthropologically important, intriguing, and often beautiful. Yet the significance and merit of the knife is little known today outside of a small circle of anthropologists, collectors, curators, and native American craftsmen. Mocotaugan traces the history of the knife from its Stone Age origin to the present; and examines in unprecedented depth the art of that essential artifact. The publication and distribution of Mocotaugan is a non-profit effort to make the exceptional nature of this knife better known to as wide and diverse an audience as reasonably possible. To that end, the entire printed book is available for downloading in PDF form on this web site, on the condition that all use of text and images be properly credited.
From BushcraftLiving.com, a downloadable PDF pamphlet by Anthony S. Emery on the traditional craft of net making.

Learn how to make baskets out of natural cordage and materials at Basket-Making.com. Useful for if you are beginning to feel a little neurotic from work, etc...

Now that minus 30 degree weather is upon us, here is a timely article - The Big Chill: A quick guide on hypothermia and how to treat it.

Stop reading for a little bit and watch Michel Blomgren's 'Survivor' videos - amazing stuff.

Ashley of Natural Bushcraft UK has a terrific review of 4 simple and fundamental stoves for the outdoors. Browse through his site... very nice.

Jon Ridgeon has some well-photographed bushcraft tutorials - well worth reading and looking through. This guy does some very high quality bushcrafting.

Back to videos again. Dave Cantebury of Wilderness Outfitters Archery has a ton of great videos on this YouTube channel. A must see.

Northwest Journal has a set of great articles all about the fur trade, and the life of voyageurs in North America.

Wilderness Way Magazine has some back-issues partially available on the web - you will want to read each one of them.

A quick read of an article on Primitive Ways will teach you about "Indian Bow Making and the Secrets of Sinew Revealed". It will make you want to go to your local butchers and buy a pound of backstrap sinew to play with. Well, it has made me want to do so.

Hope you enjoy some of these resources.



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