I Drill Without Anaesthetic and You Be Fine!

Last evening I went to the dentist and he told me that he was going to "drill a lot today" and that he would not give me local anaesthetic for it. He said it in a very reassuring manner and put his hand on my shoulder as he broke the news to me. I think he was using Jedi mind tricks on me. He was going to take out the temporary filling from my root canal, prepare the top for a more permanent filling and in time a crown.

But he wasn't kidding and yet I was becalmed and he drilled and shaped and removed material (a.k.a. my bloody tooth) and the nice lady stuck tubes in my mouth and suctioned out my maxillary salivary glands' hard-won spitty products and sent them down the sink.

Now I have a more permanent tooth, nicely formed, rounded and very comfortable to my tongue - and in a few months I can return, and the dentist will trim a ridge around it, measure it for a porcelain crown and then I'll have a porcelain crown that should last me until I am at one with the universe. I was in no pain for the evening and I am pleased. Finally.

Next dental moves: In a few months, a porcelain crown mentioned above, and then a porcelain veneer on my front tooth - to return the one that looks like a pirate's tooth to a normal person's tooth.



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