Backyard Flowers and Foods - Monty and his Rat

The weather is brilliant outside. After a long walk in the park this morning, Monty sat in the backyard and spent some quality time with Ratty, his stuffed rat.

I have been walking around over the past couple of days brandishing a sharp knife cutting out conical plugs of soil that encase the leaves and budding stalks and tap roots of Dandelions from my backyard, as I have promised myself not to allow any of the varmints to populate my lawn this year.

One appears to have missed my efforts, and avoided the sharp carbon steel blade of defeat.

While I was taking a photo of the Dandelion, I saw my first Plantain in the yard.

I leave them alone.

I respect the plantain because it is low key and edible.

I've still got to figure it out, but I think I also have Purslane in the yard - I ate a leaf or two and it tastes like Purslane is supposed to taste like.

I need to make a more positive identification though before I eat anymore.

Perhaps inspired by the single Dandelion, a single Daffodil has emerged and is basking in the sunlight beside the shed.

Now I'm not sure what the plant below is - it has leaves like a Dandelion, and a segmented, succulent looking stalk topped with little white flowers.


I can't find it in my edible plants book - it looks more like a medicinal plant.

I shall consult my medicinal plant book.

Buds on the Purple Sandtree Cherry are emerging, contesting with a nest of caterpillars.

While I poke around the backyard with my camera and Dandelion-knife, Monty just snuffles in the grass and watches the world move on by.



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