Camping Chairs & Moving House

We are moving out of our condominium and moving into our new house on May 1st. We are trying to sell some nice Ikea furniture before moving, including bookshelves, coffee and kitchen tables, an office chair, a file cabinet, other chairs, and other bits and pieces, so let me know if you are interested.

When I am camping, I sit in a folding camping chair while reading because I find it very comfortable - it is a luxury, I know, and I feel guilty transporting it in the canoe.

I suppose if I were camping long enough, I would build a nice chair out of branches and such. Here are 2 designs I suppose I could build fairly easily:

This camping chair would require 2 planks of wood, which I could roughly hew from a log - it could be fairly comfortable, as long as the planks were wide enough:

The other option would be this one illustrated below, but of course building this and the one above requires time and patience. Either way, they'd be rather satisfying projects - maybe I'll try it next time and post photos...


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