How to Say Bah with Mungo - Help Feature

If you are new to this blog, here is a description of some functional elements on a typical blog posting on Mungo Says Bah.

First of all, please note that Mungo says Bah, and not anything else. Mungo is me, and what I say is Bah.

Okay, the following image has a number of items circled in red, with a number beside it. If you click the image, it will open a new window with the large graphic in it. Carefully note the number, and scroll down to the legend beneath the image within the posting below. It will tell you what each functional element provides to you as a reader.

  1. Search Box - find any word or partial text string (i.e. part of a word) within the blog. Quite useful.
  2. Home Title Banner - click here at any time to be brought back to the home page containing a list of the most current postings. Note that a blog entry is called a 'posting'.
  3. Date of Posting - This is the date on which I published (and generally wrote) the posting.
  4. Profile Link - a brief profile of yours trulym, along with a contact e-mail address.
  5. Latest Posts Links - a brief list of clickable titles of the most recent postings.
  6. Update subscription feature - if you put your e-mail address in this box and press Subscribe, you will be able to get an e-mail generally within 12 hours of the previous day's posts - whether I have posted 10 posts or just 1. No e-mail if I don't post anything. This is a good way to keep up with my latest Bahs. Note that a Bah is something expressed within a Post.
  7. Labels List - When I write a post, I assign one or more labels to the content, which helps categorize the topic of the post. I can add, subtract or change any of the Labels categories at any point, but generally don't. Useful for some.
  8. Links - Web links that Mungo Says Bah to. Check them out - I like to.
  9. Archive - This list contains a listing of previous months' postings - along with an indication of how many posts are within a given month. Click on one and you'll get that month's set of posts. Peruse and meander if you wish.
  10. Photogallery - this is a random list of thumbnails obtained automatically from my Flickr photo account - click on any of the images or the link at the bottom entitled "My Photogallery" to see what images I have captured and imprisoned online.
  11. Labels - as in the list described above, this Label section identifies which Labels I have assigned to the particular posting. It might give you reason to click on any of the clickable Label categories to view more in that vein.
  12. Digg It - This link will send through a URL to - allowing you to submit a given posting to the peer news sharing site. If you have an account, and others find it interesting, I could find my posting on the home page of (which has happened once before on my Firefox Privacy posting) and endure the Digg effect - tens of thousands of readers per day.
  13. E-mail A Friend - this button will open a form allowing you to send a posting along with a message to a friend or colleague.
  14. Post a Comment - this feature will allow you to add a comment to a given posting. Try it. I get lonely.
  15. Subscribe to Posts - this RSS feed will permit you to keep abreast of the latests comments to that post. Good if you have an RSS reader like Google Reader.
  16. Home Link - at the bottom of each story, a quick way to get home.
  17. Older Post(s) - a much-overlooked link allowing you to go back in time, viewing older posts for each click.
  18. Blogroll - this is a silly term, describing the list of folks who have mentioned Mungo Says Bah in their blogs. Link goes to, a site and search engine for blogs.

Hope you enjoyed this help feature!

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