Planning a Dramatic Modification to a Buck Vanguard & More...

It's been fairly quiet on Mungo Says Bah! of late - this doesn't mean that Mungo's life has been quiet. Little James has started day care, Spring is back at work, and I've been working away while our company has been broadcasting the Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Some moments at work - as always - are awfully exciting, some are fairly benign, and some are dreadfully banal. I work in I.T. and many people in I.T. enjoy using jargon and Three Letter Acronyms (TLAs) with reckless abandon - to wit:

With everything going on, I've been making notes to myself to post various pieces on equipment tips, net-making (in the comfort of your own home - sounds catchy, huh?), and I am planning a dramatic modification on a wood-handled Buck Vanguard (non Zipper variation) to closely meet the specifications of a bush knife that Mors Kochanski describes in Northern Bushcraft. Hint: For the latter, I am going to use my Dremel with reckless abandon.



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