Mungo Says Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year to All!

Well, another year has scooted past and what a year it has been. We were at the hospital last January and all of a sudden a bunch of green clad doctors said 'Here' and presented us with a visitor. I snipped his umbilical cord, and Spring revived from surgery and held him closely. His name - we decided - was James Ozan. He has been an incredible joy to be with. This experience has woken me up and Spring is learning to live with a better fellow - I hope.

In less than a fortnight we'll be celebrating his first birthday. I think a very basic bushcraft kit for him - some string, a pot, a spork, a bowl and maybe a compass. I'll make him a little woolen jacket from a blanket.

Spring makes an appearance in the photograph above - she's the one attached to the hand feeding James. As you can see, she is looking healthy and happy, and will be returning to work in the new year. Mixed feelings about that. James is going to daycare - a really nice place.

The winter is upon us now - the Winter Solstice arrived a couple of nights ago. This means fires in the valley and a chance to sleep in the woods.

I will need to bribe Spring to allow me out to do this. I will go with a minimum of kit. It will be good and I will document it.

But until then, we all wish you Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.

Stay warm by a fire or under a wool blanket and remember Of Each Other We Should Be Kind While There Is Still Time.



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