Agaricus arvensis (Horse Mushroom)

The Horse Mushroom (Agaricus arvensis) is a sought-after mushroom related to the button mushrooms that you buy at the supermarket.

On Sunday, I collected a couple of pounds worth growing by a dead tree trunk in a park nearby as I was walking about the neighbourhood with a sleeping baby in his stroller.

Gilled. Big. Pleasant smell. It is one of the 'most delicious edible mushrooms'.

Fry 'em up. Tempura them. Put into soups.

Have with a T-Bone steak.

Enjoy with a Porterhouse steak.

A Rib-Eye steak would accompany some sauted mushrooms well.

And a nice bottle of red wine, methinks.

Anyway. This is my first big find of edible mushrooms this year.

I am hoping to bump into a stump covered in Oyster mushrooms sometime.

I will keep my eyes peeled.

And once I cook a few of these up, I'll report on them.

Don't worry. I've checked and rechecked. I've asked the advice of 2 independent experts who both agree. I have also have my Roger Philips' Mushrooms textbook on my side.

Mungo Says don't ever eat fungus unless you have 100% identified them. Many mushrooms have visual analogues that can be mildy poisonous to deadly poisonous.

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