Weight Reduction: Camping and Canoe Kit List for Algonquin Park

There are five and a half days remaining before I leave for my solo canoe and camping trip into Algonquin Park.

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I spent a couple of hours working on my kit and pack yesterday. I suspect that as soon as I turn my back while I'm organizing my kit, someone pushes small round lead pellets into the lining of my pack, thus adding additional pounds that I have not accounted for.

My food is dehydrated or freeze-dried food for the most part. Some beef jerky, oatmeal, lemon powder, instant coffee, dried milk powder, etc... How can that weigh so much? I am thinking to sacrifice my tent and bring along only my tarp. That will save 6.5 lbs right then and there. All I'll need to bring in its place would be a tarp footprint - I have a cheap blue tarp that I can cut to size.

The weather has been cooling down the last couple of days, and not having a tent might play into my only concern: mosquitoes, evil mosquitoes. The forecast so far is Medium Activity for the bloodsuckers. Maybe if I bring some mosquito coils to burn in the tarp that will help. I have DEET, and a bug jacket with hood.

My essentials kit, first-aid bag and such weighs hardly anything. I'm bringing the bare essentials there. I am trying to be as spare as possible because I want to portage (lug) my canoe and my knapsack in a single trip to the lake through the woods to reduce the amount of walking that Monty needs to do. Despite my exercising him and getting him strong for the trips, I am always aware of the fact that he had both of his legs' cruciate ligaments break a few years back. But then again, he went on a 19 km portage with me a couple of years ago and fared well.

Maybe it's just that I like the idea of taking it all in one go.

Strapped to the back of my knapsack I have a self-inflating Thermarest mattress, a sleeping bag, a tarp, a wool blanket and a folding camping chair (the kind without legs - just a back and seat).

I know there are probably a handful of items that I don't need to bring. I won't give up the axe though. Maybe I won't bring the saw.

Decisions, decisions.

There are still a handful of items I need to bring. Note to self: bring a couple of good novels, and my camera.

I'd have no concerns about the weight (it's about 41.5 lbs now for everything) of the knapsack if I decide to do 2 trips through the woods. This is something I will be meditating on for the remaining 5 and a half days, or until I make a decision.

Anyone have any thoughts about this?

That's all,


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