My Perfect Birthday Day and Night-Vision Fun

It's my birthday today and I'm having a terrific one... Work went well, I went out for a great lunch, and when I got home, Spring ordered some take-away and the food was perfect. We're both taking next week off for holidays.

We had a great evening, watching silly television shows and chatting away.

I am in the basement at the moment - I had the computer monitor switched off and it was totally dark down here. But that's okay, because I'm playing with a birthday present that I got from Spring's dad: a Stealthview Night Vision Monocular... basically it is a night-vision pair of binoculars (without the binocular vision) that uses either passive infrared or an active infrared spotlight to illuminate the darkness. A moment ago I was watching a light switch and a plant and Monty in the darkness through the illuminated video screen window within the eyepiece. The light switch, the plant and Monty didn't realize I was watching.

I can't wait until I get outside in the dark - in the valley - and sit and watch deer and other wildlife wander about in the darkness. What a COOL present! I'm totally taking this on my next camping trip.

The website has this little information about the device:
"No telling how you’ll react when faced with what lurks after dark, but with Bushnell® Night Vision, time will never again dictate your hours of operation. These optics turn night into day with built-in infrared illuminators and advanced light-gathering technology. We even added a new StealthView™ digital model that uses an infrared spotlight for long-range brightness and clarity. The entire lineup is perfect for camping, caving, wildlife observation, surveillance – any time or place you think you’re ready."
Images comparable to Gen 2+
CMOS vs image-intensifier tube
In-view B&W micro display
Adjustable eyepiece
Powerful infrared spotlight
600-feet viewing range
Weather resistant
Video output
Built-in tripod mount
Operates on 6 AA batteries
2-hour continuous run time w/IR on and 8 hours without IR
Night Vision Uses
Scouting game
Security and surveillance
Camping fun / Exploring caves
Nighttime navigation
Night fishing and boating
Wildlife observation
Search and rescue

Well - hope you had a great day, back to playing with my new toy!



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