Garden Flora Pictures and Latin

On the weekend we drove out to Oakville (Ontario) to celebrate my father's birthday. My parents have a terrific garden, full of flowers and ornamental plants... I'm not sure of all the names - but here are a few blurry photographs and their Latin names...

Pinkish flower (anyone know what this one is?).

Forget-Me-Nots - Myosotis Sylvatica- these are derived from an original bunch that my Granddad brought over in the early 70s. A great way to carry his memory on.

Green and purplish leafy plant (anyone know what this one is?).

Marsh Marigolds - Caltha Palustris - this is planted in the pond in the back garden. Images blurry, but the plant is very striking in appearance.

Moss that has grown on the stones that line a watercourse leading into the pond.

Small wild ferns that are nesting in the mossy layer (anyone know what kind of fern this is?).

A bright green Hosta - Hosta Plantaginea.

White Birch - Betula Papyrifera - male catkins. The paper birch is also called white birch, canoe birch, or silver birch.

Red flowers (anyone know what flower this is?).

I welcome your comments on the plants seen in this and other posts...



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