What's HALF The Price of an Alqonquin Park Camping Trip?

It would appear that Decado has a canoe of his own, and is currently engaged in some freelance meditation... if he came along then we could split the costs. Hmmm. Okay, here are the recalculations:

How much does it cost to go camping in Algonquin Park for 4 days?

Here is my revised back-of-the-envelope calculation:

I figure about $50.00 in gas to get from Toronto to Algonquin park and back again - that's $25.00 each (I'm using a calculator to figure out these values - it is helping tremendously).

Plus $9.90 a day in park backcountry fees, that's $39.60 - that's $18.90 each.

Then about $10.00 for a McDonald's breakfast on the drive up, along with a big huge coffee and one on the way back. That's still $10.00, as I will not share my egg mcmuffin wid' nobody. Or my coffee.

On the way up, about $30.00 in groceries because we may forget to pack all the bits and pieces plus we will really want a steak for when we get out of the canoe and are ready to sit down to eat. That's $15.00 each.

Nothing for renting the canoe thanks to Decado!

$12.25 for an Ontario conservation fishing license. Each.

That's $81.15 each, compared to the original solo cost of $221.13.



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