Plants in the Backyard - Autumn is on the Way

I spent some time this afternoon puttering about the backyard. I worked on the shed, and worked on finishing up my knife.

As the day wound down, I began to poke around the garden and the colours of fall and the smells got to me. This is my favourite season of the year.

The spiky bush has gone all red, the leaves and berries are bright and shiny.

Monty keeps an eye on things through the fence, and picks up all kinds of smells. As the squirrels and other animals wander through the yard, they leave scents, and Monty is a beagle hound after all.

I tasted a berry and it doesn't have much flavour. I don't recommend you try it, as it just isn't very satisfying.

Some leaves are turning bright red, some are yellowing, and seed pods and berries are drying up on their boughs.

I'll need to mow the lawns, and mulch the leaves into the soil - getting it ready for a long winter's sleep.

The grape-vine basket I wove in June has dried up and is catching leaves as they fall. One day I will learn how to weave a proper basket and I will make a bird's nest out of it.

The Creeping Charlies are still radiant, and small flowers continue to burst.

In the tussle of weeds sprouting by the fence I found two edible plants - dandelion (leaves) and plantain. You can crush, winnow and cook the plantain seeds, and I believe that the starchy root is edible. The leaves are also edible, but not bitter like those of dandelions. I'll snack on dandelion leaves, but prefer the younger ones as they have not yet developed the bitterness. I guess you'd need to pick an armful of both for a decent meal.

The day was cool, but the sun stayed out and warmed us.

In a few days I will be in the mountains in New Hampshire - I suspect the weather will match what we have here today.

Monty won't be coming along, but then he has the whole back yard to explore and to guard.

Dried seed pods hold fast against the fence.

Yellow flowers remain.

Dried seed pods are beginning to brown, and dry up - waiting for gravity or something walking by to spread the seeds for the spring time.



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