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These days my thoughts move to camping more and more. The autumn for me is the best time of year to go camping. The nights are cold, the lakes and backcountry deserted of campers, the leaves are beginning to turn and the bugs have all gone away.

In a few weekends I'll go - have yet to figure out the exact date yet. But until then I will keep busy reading blogs from like-minded folks:

Jim keeps a great blog on the planning and sheer enjoyment of Algonquin Park canoe trips - he has some very detailed trip logs, and sounds like he has a lot of fun while going on adventures.

American Bushman has some great gear reviews, and has some great advice on what to buy, how to keep it in good shape, and has some good trip logs.

Ferrol, a Brit, enjoys poking around the woods and doing everything bushcraft from spoon carving to testing equipment - inspiring product reviews - good photos.

Tim Smith is a guide and a wilderness skills/survival instructor in New Hampshire. I'm hoping to make it down there to attend a Jack Mountain wilderness training course one day.

Pablo is Brit also, and in very interested in tracking and natural observation. His descriptions of his photographs and crafts are wonderful to read, and quite humorous at times too.

A Londoner, the Suburban Bushwacker describes himself as one who loves cooking and eating wild foods and has a great review of a Fallkniven F1 which has inspired me to save up my pennies and buy one for myself.

Torjus Gaaren is a Norwegian who writes and provides detailed tutorials on primitive skills and bushcraft - from stone axes to bone knives, fish traps to containers - great inspiration for crafts in the wild.

Samuel the English Teacher in Poland writes about woodcraft, books and his activities in the bush and forests of Poland. His recent review on the Sámi knife, the Puuko has inspired me to augment my collection from a Buck Vanguard and Mora laminated carbon knife to the Fallkniven F1 plus a nice Finnish Puuko.

Wayland is a freelance Viking (really) and a BCUK member. He runs a 'Living History' business in the UK and has some amazing writing about bushcraft, primitive gear and historical reproductions of gear.

Finally, Michael from North Carolina writes about bushcraft, woodlore and woodcraft projects - he uses a Buck Vanguard too. His blog posts are very interesting and he seems to have really nice countryside in which to explore.

Hope you get a chance to see all of these sites and learn more about this passion of ours!



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