A Little Tiny Camp Fire

I did it again. I wandered up to a dried weedy stalk on the beach, crumpled up a handful of fuzz, struck a spark with my pocket knife and started a hand-sized conflagration on the beach. I stomped it out with my heel. I did it just to pretend I was camping. It is the busiest time in the webcasting industry apparently. And I feel it. In addition to tons of webcasting production, I have oodles and oodles of software requirements analysis and project management and client expectation management and account management which I haven't done much of before but mostly it is business and project management and that is okay but non-stop lists of priorities and to-do's and Campbell's Chunky Stew every day because I can't give myself any time away from my desk due to the constricting forces of anxiety and schedules and it-has-to-get-done-now-or-it'll-all-explode-edness. Or maybe I'm just being dramatic. Maybe I just like camping.

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