The Nietzschean multi-universe and beers

So when I made it over
to Matt's last
night we settled Monty
in and then
went out and got some
beer and food and then when we got
back we listened to

Pink Floyd who if
you haven't heard
them well you should but seriously
then we talked
about philosophy and religion and politics and management theory and quantum
physics although
I really know very
little about

quantum physics but we liked to connect
our limited understanding
of Zen Buddhism
and quantum physics
the whole thing about multi-universes,
and karma, and I
brought Nietzsche into
the conversation
because my hero an existential

who likes his friends to
call him Irv but
I'm not a friend but hey that'd
be amazing well
anyway, Nietzsche liked
to talk about this
mental experiment of imagining that
your life repeats
infinitely, such that
any choice or
action or decision you make will be
made by you an
infinite number of times
over an infinite
number of photostatted lives

which I suppose
really makes you think
about stuff, like,
hey you always wanted to be a mime
and go to mime
school to fulfill a
childhood dream of
mimology etc... but you instead stay
in a job using a
metal punch to create
metal grilles for
riding lawn-mowers (to use an example
which I just came up
with), and really
what you are doing is
deciding that for an infinite
number of lives which
I guess puts a kind
of heavy perspective
on your own life so do it
right now don't mess
around because punching holes in metal
plates for eternity

sucks but being a mime might not
well I think it might but
for the purposes of this example
just go with

it honestly and I
like that whole thing about doing
the things that
are important
so I’m going camping soon.

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