Mungo's Expanded Universe: Bushcraft, Military & Intelligence Affairs, and Adult ADHD

In addition to my interest in bushcraft, camping, the outdoors, and nature photography (and a strange mushroom fetish), I also blog and tweet about the following interests:

Tweets about Military, Intelligence & International Affairs at @MungosMilIntel. So for all of you interested in current events taking place around Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, North Dakota, Pakistan, Terrorism, Counter terrorism, Intelligence, Counter intelligence, Spying, Military issues, and a whole bunch more - well, subscribe to my tweets and prepare to explore the shady world outside of our comfortable daily routines.

Blog postings about Adult ADHD at I was diagnosed with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) earlier this year, an early-onset neuropsychiatric disorder that affects 4% (1 in 23) of adults (look around a room, and you'll see one of us - purple hair, 8 fingers per hand and other unusual physical characteristics). Its pathophysiology is thought to involve the dopaminergic and nor-adrenergic pathways associated with attention control and impulsivity - these are networks of circuits in your brain that are 'powered' by neurotransmitters and shunt information all about. Oh, look! A ...bird!

Welcome to an expanded Mungo Universe - and welcome to new areas of my life.


Mungo, Mungo and Mungo.

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