Mungo's Periodic Pile of Camping, Bushcraft, Outdoors & Otherwise Interesting Tweets

As I surf the web, I come across various bushcraft, camping, outdoors and other interesting links. I share them via my Twitter account, but I figured it would be useful to periodically amalgamate them here on Mungo Says Bah! in a post to share with everyone.

  1. A Diary of a Badger Watching Man - Nocturnal Deer
  2. Scarp Tent Information:
  3. Scarp Tent Venting Photos:
  4. Pike Fishing in Scotland's Milly and Meg have a canoe picnic.
  5. Murat's Canoe Trip Plans - Summer 2010
  6. How to stay warm if your vehicle is stranded in a winter storm.
  7. Lashing with cordage -
  8. Making a Fat Lamp
  9. Forest Photography -
  10. Cows shit firewood.
  11. The realities of hermit life
  12. On the trail and off—never wash another dish.
  13. Sharpening the Hard Way
  14. The first friction folders
  15. Leather hunting pouch
  16. Making An Axe Helve By Hand.

Hope you enjoy and find some of them useful to you!



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