Mungo's Periodic Pile of Camping, Bushcraft, Outdoors & Otherwise Interesting Tweets

As I surf the web, I come across various bushcraft, camping, outdoors and other interesting links. I share them via my Twitter account, but I figured it would be useful to periodically amalgamate them here on Mungo Says Bah! in a post to share with everyone.

Hope you enjoy and find some of them useful to you!

  1. Turnin' Up the Heat on Your Smoker Barrel - Fast Cookin' A Brisket
  2. Vegetable plot
  3. Gear Review: Western Mountaineering Hot Sac vapor barrier liner
  4. How to Tie Knots Like a Navy SEAL
  5. Inupiat Winter Survival:
  6. Amazing resource on outdoors and survival clothing concepts:
  7. Buffalo Lance
  8. Last Day of Vacation - Morning in the Park:
  9. Useful kit does not have to be expensive
  10. Riddled with Bullet Points
  11. Distress Reservoir Paddle
  12. Sunday Morning Walk
  13. The Bushcooker LT 3-Fuel Stove
  14. The Cache - Part 9 - Shelter from the Storm
  15. Publicity! Recruitment! Will the public know who & what we are?
  16. Murat's Runny Spruce Pitch
  17. Survival Is Funny
  18. Survival Is Serious



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